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La Bergerie

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Around Us

We are always available to advise you on activities, according to your desires and your budget.

Bruxelles la carte des trajets


(at 10 mins) Short walks in the village and around the lake...

thuin - le centre ville

Thuin and its surroundings

(15 mins) - The Belfry - The bucolic alleys - The hanging gardens - The tram museum - The printing museum - The wood of the great God -...

abbaye d'aulne

Aulne Abbey

(15 mins) - Visit of the abbey - Electric scooter ride - Electric boat ride -...

Le lac de la plate taille - Vue aérienne

The Eau d'Heure Lakes

(15 mins) - Tree climbing - Swimming - Mini golf - Walks (on foot or by bike) - The aquacentre (fun pool) -...

Golf de Ragnies

The Golf of Ragnies

(10 mins) The Ragnies Golf Club offers a course of 5720m. Perfect for beginners or advanced players.

Walcourt - vue du Village

Walcourt, and its surroundings

(10 mins) - The Basilica of Saint Materne - The Vanlieff's chocolate factory: A guided tour to understand how pralines are made and have the pleasure of tasting them. - Earth and Glass: Ceramic and cane-blown glass workshop, it is with great pleasure that Bernard shares his passion. -...

Le bois du cazier dans les environs du Gîte

Charleroi and its surroundings

(30 mins) - Discovering its slag heaps (the Black Loop: 20km) - The wood of the cazier - The photography museum - The BPS22: art museum - The Block room: Maniak -...

Chimay abbaye

Chimay and its surroundings

(30 mins) - The castle of Chimay - Virelles Aquascope -...

binche the place to be

Binche and its surroundings

(30 mins) - The carnival and mask museum - The ramparts and the municipal park -...